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Total Protection Plan

Our Total Protection Plan was designed for companies that need ultra-fast support, a highly-secure network and who prefer to keep their IT infrastructure on-premise.  We start by stabilizing and properly protecting your current infrastructure.  Next, we implement a strong Disaster Recovery (DR) solution.  And finally, we proactively monitor and manage your network plus provide your staff with amazing 24 x 7 support for one flat monthly fee.  No more worries about whether your only IT person will be available when you need help and no guesswork about your bill!

This option is great for companies who:

  • Prefer to keep their IT infrastructure on-premise

  • Need immediate support backed by our 5-minute guarantee

  • Prefer to leverage an IT team that is many times larger than they could build in-house

  • Require the best security either because it is mandated by regulation or just because they know it is the "right way"

  • Operate one or more locations with employees who need their computing resources available 100% of the time

  • Would like assistance making the RIGHT decisions to ensure a successful IT refresh that increases productivity

If this sounds like you, then give us a call to discuss our Total Protection Plan today!

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